Tiffany Swift
September 28, 2023

Is Belize Safe?

Title: Safety and Peaceful Living in San Ignacio, Belize


I’ve spent my entire life in Belize, particularly in the tranquil town of Santa Elena, where I was born and raised. Today, I’m still proud to call this place my home. This article aims to shed light on the safety and security one can expect when living in the San Ignacio area of Belize.

Safe and Welcoming Community:

Living in San Ignacio, I’ve come to appreciate this community’s strong sense of security. I’m not just a resident; I’m a parent with a young child, and we often take leisurely walks in the evening. What’s heartening is the warm greetings from the friendly faces we encounter on our strolls. This atmosphere of friendliness and openness is something I hold dear and wouldn’t trade for anything.

Walk the Streets with Confidence:

One of the things I cherish about San Ignacio is the freedom it provides. I can confidently walk downtown, whether it’s to run errands like going to the bank, shopping, or purchasing fresh produce at the local market. I can also indulge in a leisurely lunch or dinner without worrying about personal safety. This level of comfort and ease sets San Ignacio apart from other places.

Different Strokes for Different Folks:

However, it’s crucial to remember that not all areas of Belize share this same sense of security. For instance, Belize City is known to have some unsafe pockets. While I can’t guarantee anyone’s safety, I wouldn’t choose to live in those areas, and I wouldn’t recommend them to others. My infrequent visits to Belize City are a testament to this preference.

Facing Reality:

It’s important to acknowledge that Belize has its challenges like any other place in the world. Some unfortunate incidents involving foreigners have occurred and were rightfully condemned by the nation. Nevertheless, crime can affect anyone, anywhere, globally. It’s a harsh reality, but it doesn’t mean that fear should dictate your life choices.

Choosing a Fearless Life:

At the end of the day, life is meant to be lived with joy, not burdened by constant fear and uncertainty. If you’re contemplating life in Belize and safety concerns are holding you back, consider that there are many areas in this beautiful country where safety is a given. My friends scattered across Belize echo the same sentiment, underscoring that the San Ignacio area is indeed a safe haven.

In Conclusion:

San Ignacio, Belize, offers a harmonious blend of safety, community, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. While challenges do exist in certain areas, you should still explore and embrace the many peaceful and secure regions this diverse country offers. So, why let fear dictate your choices when you can live life to the fullest in a place like San Ignacio?

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Written by Tiffany Swift

Hi there, my name is Tiffany Swift, and I am a born and bred Belizean. I wake up every day feeling grateful for living in paradise and calling it home. If you're considering relocating to Belize, let me be your guide. Together, we can make your dream of owning a piece of paradise a reality.